Here's a real bargain, a 3 megapixel, 3x optical zoom digital camera for just $499. We noted that Kodak had recently reduce the price of the DC4800 to $599 but we also heard rumours on the PMA show floor that they would reduce it further. Over at Amazon they're offering the DC4800 for $499 (after a $100 mail-in rebate). If this is genuine (not an Amazon mistake) the DC4800 would become the 3 megapixel bargain of the moment.

Click here to visit Amazon.Com
(then enter "dc4800" in the search box and click Go!
- if the rebate has re-appeared please let us know)

Click here for our review of the Kodak DC4800

Thanks to forums poster "Fred Smith" for noting this deal.

UPDATE 19/Feb/2001: Thanks to Brian for finding out that this deal doesn't begin until March 2nd, which confirms what we heard at PMA, that Kodak were effectively reducing the price of the DC4800 to $499 in March.

UPDATE 20/Feb/2001: Surprise, surprise, the rebate offer has now disappeared from Amazon's website, if, as we expect this is a genuine offer posted too early we'll follow it up later in the year.