Kyocera Japan has today posted three sample images from the much awaited six megapixel full-frame sensor Contax N Digital. These three samples are available on the Kyocera Japan website, all were taken at either ISO 25 or ISO 50 (which is a little concerning). Although these images look good reduced in size but are not as sharp or detailed as images from the Canon EOS-D60, Nikon D100 or Nikon D1x.

UPDATE 15/May: Kyocera has pulled these samples from their website. The thumbnails are still there (click here) but the images are no longer available for download.

UPDATE: I'm not sure what Kyocera are doing but they have pulled the full resolution images and replaced them with much smaller resolution images. This ISN'T inspiring confidence in the quality of this new camera.

Kyocera Japan Contax N Digital Samples (now gone)

Notes: All shots taken in sRGB colour space, image size 3008 x 2008, taken in TIFF mode and re-saved as JPEG (by Kyocera).

Lens: Vario-Sonnar
T* 17-35mm F2.8
Exposure: ISO 50, F2.8, 1/4 sec
Lens: Vario-Sonnar
T* 24-85mm F3.5-4.5
Exposure: ISO 25, F5.6, 1/125 sec
Lens: Macro-Sonnar
T*100mm F2.8
Exposure: ISO 25, F2.8, 1/15 sec

All images (c)2002 Kyocera Corp., Photos by Hironobu Mochizuki