ABSoft has announced an upgraded version of its Neat Image Pro noise reduction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture. There are also standalone versions of the software for Mac OS and Linux systems. Version 7 includes a redesigned user interface, support for 32-bit images and and a 'Smart Profile' system to improve noise profiling. Priced at $69.90 it is available for immediate download as a plug-in or a stand-alone application for Windows, Mac and Linux. A simpler version, 'Neat Image 7 Home' with limited features is also available for $39.90.

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Click here to download Neat Image v7.0 for Windows & Mac

Press Release:

ABSoft introduces a new generation of its Neat Image noise reduction tools

EINDHOVEN, NL, May 5 – Neat Image team, ABSoft, is pleased to introduce the 7th generation of its noise reduction solution for digital photography that inherits and refines the highest quality and efficiency traditionally delivered by Neat Image.

Renowned for its noise reduction quality, Neat Image is used by photographers all over the world as a tool that turns noisy photos and grainy scans into clean and neat digital images.

In Neat Image 7, the existing family of noise reduction products for Windows and Mac OS is updated and extended with two new members: standalone versions of Neat Image for Linux and Mac OS.

The new Neat Image harnesses the power of CUDA, providing up to x2.5-x7 acceleration over CPU-only systems. It is also able to involve all available CPUs and GPUs in computation for even faster processing. On top of that, multiple performance optimizations throughout the application increase speed of noise reduction in individual images as well as of batch processing.

Years of ABSoft’s experience and feedback from users have resulted in numerous improvements in the graphical user interface of Neat Image 7. These include redesigned window layouts, better preview with multi-component viewer modes, improved profile equalizer and refreshed graphical elements throughout the application. Standalone versions have received new and improved batching facilities, task thumbnails, multi-image and single-image mode.

Neat Image 7 also adds: Smart Profile to prepare more accurate noise profiles using a smart combination of two profiling methods; support for 32-bit per channel images for HDR workflows; many other improvements.

Since the beginning of the digital imaging era, digital noise and digitized film grain have always been unwelcome parts of many digital photos and scans because of imperfect physical nature of the underlying light-capturing processes.

While the hardware manufacturers have always been trying to improve these processes, Neat Image software is designed to work with the available output produced by the existing hardware: noisy high ISO digital photos and scans of grainy film.

Neat Image greatly improves the visual quality of such digital images by reducing the objectionable noise and grain and at the same time preserving the true image details. Neat Image was initially introduced to the market in 2001 and quickly became the de facto standard in noise reduction for digital photography thanks to the quality of noise reduction delivered by the tool.

The top quality noise reduction has been made possible by using the advanced noise reduction algorithms that rely on device noise profiles – a reusable analysis of noise properties of an image acquisition device (digital camera, scanner, etc.).

Knowing the noise properties of an imaging device, Neat Image can draw a more clear distinction between noise and details in images produced by the device and therefore better preserve the true details while suppressing the objectionable noise.

Pricing and Availability
Neat Image 7 is available as a standalone application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as a plug-in for Photoshop (Windows, Mac OS) and as a plug-in for Aperture (Mac OS). 32-bit and 64-bit builds of each product are available. Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs are supported.

All versions of Neat Image come in two editions: Home (US$39.90) and Pro (US$69.90 / 79.90). The Home editions support 8-bit images and limited batching, the Pro editions support 8/16/32-bit images and unlimited batching. Demo versions of all products are available.

Bundles of two or more versions of Neat Image as well as multi-user licenses are available with volume discounts. Upgrading from older versions Licensed users of older versions of Neat Image can upgrade to the latest Neat Image 7 using a special upgrade offer.