Video features
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Video features

The rest of the video spec is an odd mixture of seemingly high-end options and social media friendly features, though they do sometimes meet in the middle.

For high end users, the G100 includes the ability to shoot V-Log L footage, which captures more dynamic range but requires subsequent color grading before it's usable. There's also onscreen framing guides to give you an idea of when your subject is within the region that you'd use for a super-wide cinematic 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

For the more social-media minded, there are framing guides for 9:16 and 1:1 video (for if you're planning to shoot 16:9 but want to crop a region out for display on a a different platform, later). Alternatively, the G100 can natively shoot vertical video for InstagramTV and will include all the metadata to ensure it's shown correctly.

All users are likely to benefit from the VU audio meter display, borrowed directly from the GH5.