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Video is a core feature of the fp. The camera allows the capture of MOV processed video with either Long GOP or ALL-I compression, but the unusual feature is its ability to capture and output CinemaDNG Raw video footage.

It can shoot UHD 4K at a choice of 29.97p, 25p or 23.87p or 1080 footage at up to 119.88p.

The CinemaDNG footage can be captured internally 8 or 10-bit quality in 30p and 25p mode, or 12-bit quality for 24p shooting. Data can also be output to external SSDs. The camera's HDMI v1.4 connector almost certainly means it won't output Raw footage over that port, though the fp is compatible with Atomos' open HDMI protocol, meaning recording can be started or stopped from the external recorder.

Impressively, it appears that Sigma has designed a distinct video interface for the fp that lets you specify the shutter duration in terms of shutter angle and also includes a small waveform display, to let you set exposure and check the tonal distribution in your frame. The fp will also gain, via firmware, the ability to simulate the aspect ratios of various pro video platforms, to help you mimic the framing of cameras including a variety of Arri and Red cameras.

Using the optional CN-21 DC connector allows the fp to be powered from an AC power adaptor or a V-mount battery plate.