The body: connectors
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The body: connectors

In terms of connectors there are Mic, USB-C and HDMI connectors down the left flank of the camera. The USB-C port can be used to connect to an external SSD for video capture and the camera can be powered via the port, for longer periods than the battery allows.

All these ports sit behind large rubber doors, to contribute to the camera's extensive weather sealing.

The camera's strap lugs screw into tripod-style 1/4" treaded holes on either side of the body, meaning they can be removed if you want to mount the camera vertically on your tripod (or re-arrange your camera strap, however you want).

Included with the camera is a screw-on adapter that adds a flash hotshoe and also acts as an HDMI cable retainer/protector. This hotshoe mount can, of course, be used to mount an external microphone for video work.

Two optional hand grips (the HG-11 and HG-21) will also be offered, providing different degrees of extension to provide a more firm grasp on the body (particularly for use with larger lenses).