The body
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The body

The body of the fp has a certain functional charm to it. Despite its small size, it finds room for an array of control points and connectors.

In terms of controls, the top-plate features a shutter button set in the middle of the camera's main control dial, there's also a dedicated video [REC] button, a power switch and a dedicated Stills/Cine switch, which gives hints about the camera's intent.

The back of the camera finds room for nine buttons and a second control dial. The button functions include a conventionally-placed AEL button and a 'QS' button for accessing Sigma's 'quick set' menu.

The majority of the space is taken up by a large 3.2" 2.1M-dot touchscreen, behind which you can just make out the vents and fins of the heat sink built onto the back of the main processor board.