The camera
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The camera

The Sigma fp stands for 'fortissimo pianissimo,' which roughly translates as 'very loud and very soft.' This could be a reference to dynamic range but we also wonder if there's an intentional implication of the camera being both large (in terms of sensor) and small in its physical presence. Sigma also talks about the ability to be a 'compact daily camera' but also one that supports 'professional cine filming.'

It's built around a 24MP BSI-CMOS full frame Bayer sensor, which immediately makes it likely that it's a similar chip to the one used in the likes of Sony's a7 III, Nikon's Z6 and Panasonic's S1 (though we'll need to test images from the camera to be sure). There's no anti-aliasing filter, which is a little unusual at this resolution on full frame.

But the main thing you notice is that the fp is really small. It's a cuboid box with very few protrusions that measures just 113 × 70 × 45mm (4.43 × 2.75 × 1.78"). Part of the way it manages to be so small is that it lacks a mechanical shutter, instead relying entirely on the sensor's electronic shutter mode.

It can shoot at up to 18 fps (though only for 12 frames).