First Impressions
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First Impressions

As we say, the fp we had a chance to use was running very early firmware, so it's difficult to read too much into its performance at this stage. That said, our initial impression is that autofocus seems reliable and repeatably accurate in S-AF.

What we can say is that it behaved pretty well, considering its state: it booted up quickly and the touchscreen was fairly responsive. The menu system (seemingly evolved from the one on the SD Quattro modes) looks pleasantly simple and pared-down.

As you'd expect of a camera with a heat sink with vents around where you hold it, we found it got warm in use, but not worryingly so. Sadly it's too early to assess battery life, but none of the demonstration units ran out during our time with them. The use of a decently large 8.7Wh battery should help in this regard.

The camera seems extensively thought-through, not just in terms of offering plenty of options about what the dials control, but also in the small details like letting you choose auto, faster and slower shutter thresholds in Auto ISO mode, that relate to the focal length you're currently using. This is the kind of fine-grained detail that major camera makers don't always get right.

It definitely suggests Sigma has put a lot of work in, before taking the wraps off its little box of tricks.