Samsung has a released a firmware update for its NX500 mirrorless camera that contains some significant improvements related to autofocus and video.

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The manufacturer says that autofocus performance has been improved across the board: in low light, face detection, and movie mode. A new Zone AF mode has been added, and there are now five AF area sizes to choose from. The face detection area of the sensor has also been enlarged.

On the video front Samsung has added a new 'Pro' mode that increases the bit rate for 4K video up to 70Mbps and lengthens maximum recording time to 25 minutes. The NX500 will now read out a larger area of the sensor, which the company says will improve 1080/60p video quality. The firmware also gives users more precise 4K still image capture (now with embedded EXIF data) and allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the manual focus ring when recording video.

The firmware update is now available and can be downloaded via Wi-Fi on the camera or with Samsung's iLauncher software.

Press release:

Still Photo Enhancements:

  • Improvements to the overall Auto Focus:
    • Enhanced AF performance in low light condition
    • Enhanced AF performance in backlit and spot light
    • Enhanced AF performance in the corners when utilizing 16-50mm PZ lens
    • Enhanced Face Detection AF performance
    • Enhanced AF performance in movie mode
  • Added “Zone AF” mode
  • Increased the size of AF to 5 steps in AF “Area Size”
  • Increased the Face Detection Area of the sensor
  • Includes 4 most popular Pro Suggest presets (Cinematic, Memories, Gorgeous night, & High Speed)
  • Added “Selfie as Flipped” mode
    • The image is flipped to capture as in the preview.
  • Improved “Selfie” AF function in Timer mode
  • Continuous AF is default in “Selfie Timer."
  • Simplified EXIF data preview

Video Recording Enhancements:

  • Added "Pro" mode in movie quality and increased the bit rates for movie size and quality (up to 70Mbps)
    • Movie Recording Time changed to 25 minutes at FHD 60P/50P
  • Larger sensor read out data size with improved FHD quality up to 60P
  • Remains in Stand By mode after recording
  • "1280x720 (120P)" setting in the Movie Size Menu for easy access
    • Sound recording is available
  • Capture individual 4K frame forward & backward with precision
    • Embedded EXIF data in jpeg
  • Added NEW MF Responsiveness mode
    • Capable of setting to Low, Medium, High focus angle in manual focus mode