Much of the talk on the internet since the launch of the D750 has been about flare, or rather the appearance of dark bands when bright light sources are just outside of the frame. Not all units are affected, and it wasn't an issue during our in-depth testing of the D750 late last year, but following Nikon's decision to service cameras that are affected by flare, we've consolidated our work on the problem into an additional page in our previously-published review.

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In this new page, we've compared the much-discussed flare effect in a pair of D750s alongside a Nikon D810, Nikon D4S and a Canon EOS 1D-X. And since the issue is related to placement of the AF module, we took a look at autofocus performance of two different D750 units. See the results for yourself in our updated Nikon D750 review, and find out for yourself why we think that D750 owners can rest easy.