Pre-PMA 2010: Samsung has released the TL500 (EX1 in Europe) premium compact camera with a fast f/1.8-2.4 wide angle 3x (24-72mm equiv.) image stabilized zoom lens. It comes with an 1/1.7" 10MP CCD sensor and a 3.0" multi-angle AMOLED display. The camera also offers full manual control, RAW capture, VGA video recording in H.264 format and a new faster DRIMeIII processor.

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Fast Operating Speed and Ultra-Sensitive 1/1.7” CCD Will Impress Enthusiast Photographers

LONDON, UK - February 20, 2010 - Samsung, a market leader and award-winning innovator in digital imaging, proudly introduces the 10 mega-pixel EX1, a high-end compact digital camera designed specifically for today’s advanced and enthusiast photographers. The new flagship of the company’s compact digital camera family, the EX1 incorporates a range of advanced features, including a high-performance imaging sensor and one of the most impressive lenses ever found on a compact camera – a 24mm ultra-wide angle Schneider KREUZNACH, f/1.8.

“With the EX1, Samsung further differentiates its lineup from the competition and achieves yet another milestone in the industry,” said Steve Mitchell, General Marketing Manager, Samsung Digital Imaging. “With ultra-wide angle capability and unparalleled speed, the EX1’s lens offers a new level of versatility allowing the user to be more creative and take better pictures.” 

High-Quality Optics and Images
The Samsung EX1 is sure to turn heads thanks to its f/1.8 Schneider lens. The impressive f/1.8 lens offers photographers a wider range of aperture steps and shallow depth-of-field, giving them the ability to blur out the background of their images while maintaining focus on their subjects. The ultra-fast, f/1.8 lens also allows users to take better photos in low-light environments as more light is passed through to the new high-performance 1/1.7” CCD sensor. Larger than the sensors typically found in compact digital cameras, the EX1’s 1/1.7” CCD offers unrivaled sensitivity (max ISO 3200/full-resolution). Together with Samsung’s re‑engineered and fast, DRIMeIII imaging processor, the EX1 captures high-quality images, regardless of the lighting environment.

The high-end Schneider lens offers a 24mm, ultra-wide focal length and 3x optical zoom. Much wider than traditional compact cameras, the EX1’s 24mm ultra-wide angle lens allows photographers to capture more of a desired scene, such as beautiful landscapes and large groups of friends or family. For blur‑free images, the EX1’s lens is also paired with Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilisation technology.

Versatile Display Enhances the Viewing Experience
Composing and reviewing images on the EX1’s three-inch, swiveling AMOLED screen is a pleasure. The rotating AMOLED display will allow photographers to precisely frame their images the way they want and shoot from just about any angle, including overhead or low-to-the-ground shots.  Compared to the traditional TFT-LCD found on most digital cameras, the EX1’s AMOLED provides users with a higher contrast ratio, deeper blacks and more accurate, vivid colors, even when viewed from an angle or in direct sunlight. The EX1’s AMOLED display is also more efficient when it comes to power consumption, allowing photographers to maximize battery life and shoot longer on a single charge.

Multiple Shooting Options
The EX1 supports RAW and gives enthusiasts full control over their images thanks to its shutter‑priority, aperture‑priority and full Manual shooting modes. When using these settings, shooters can experiment with features such as slower shutter speeds and depth-of-field; however, for those who prefer ease-of-use over manual controls, the EX1 also offers Samsung’s Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology. Applicable for video recording (640x480 / 30fps / H.264) and taking digital stills, this intelligent feature analyzes the scene and then automatically selects the appropriate settings for the best results possible. Using this mode is effortless and users don’t have to sacrifice image quality for simple operation.

Samsung EX1 specifications

Price £399.99 (TBC)
Sensor • 10 million pixels
• 1/1.7 inch, high sensitivity CCD
Movie mode • 640x480 @30fps
• H.264 format
Lens • 24 - 72mm equiv.
• f/1.8 - 2.4
• 3x Optical Zoom Lens
Image Stabilization Yes, Lens
Display • 3.0” AMOLED swivel screen
• 614000 dots
Shooting modes • Program
• Aperture Priority
• Shutter Priority
• Manual
• Scene

• Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie)
• Large 1/1.7 inch, high sensitivity CCD
• Front Wheel Control

Weight (no batt) TBC
Dimensions 114 x 63.2 x 29mm

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