We're really excited that we can take the wraps off what we hope will become a valuable addition to dpreview.com: a dedicated Articles section. This will be home to all the content we produce that doesn't fit under the reviews and news headings. We've also brought in dozens of new writers to fill this section with explanations of photo techniques, accessory reviews, book reviews, photographer interviews and profiles, and much, much more. Today we've added a handful of articles to get things started, as well as porting some of our existing content, but you can expect to see new articles appearing daily from now on. The really exciting news is that the article creation and management system we've built will soon be made available to everyone - check out the story after the link for more detail.

Dpreview keeps expanding: Say hello to the new Articles section.

So, finally, we're introducing a wide range of photography-related content to complement our renowned in-depth reviews. The broad categories we're covering are:

  • Product Reviews
  • Software/App Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Opinions
  • Photo Techniques
  • Software Techniques
  • Video Capture
  • Technology
  • Printers & Printing
  • Pro Photography
  • Photographers and Photography
  • Help
  • Buying Guides
  • Misc Articles.

At the moment there's only a small selection of content, but it will grow, and it'll grow fast.

We've long wanted to expand our content beyond camera and lens reviews, but with limited resources and an antiquated editorial production system (with writers producing html documents and uploading them via FTP), it was logistically difficult for us to work with freelancers, and we didn't want to divert our attention away from what we're best known for.

And so we decided to build a new articles content management system with a web-based article creation / editing component. We're currently testing this with a small group of writers, but the really exciting news is that we'll soon (within a matter of weeks) going to be turning it on for all registered users, so you'll be able to create blog posts, how-to articles and photo stories right from your user profile. The system allows collaborative work (and will eventually offer revision tracking and other group editing features.

For now, please visit the new articles section and have a browse around, and keep an eye out for further announcements. In the meantime if you have a forum post / FAQ or other content you'd like to share with the community, and would like to take part in the first Beta phase of the new content creation system, please contact me by PM.