Solely Found is a destination for all those mobile missing shoe photos. This boot, the Tumblr blog notes, was found by Kevin in the Starbucks parking lot in Seattle, Washington.

Call it a strange quirk of urban life: Our city streets are littered with the lost soles of shoes that have gone missing. How did they get there? Where's their mate? What's become of their presumably now barefooted master?

Solely Found, a Tumblr blog by interior designer Michelle Dirkse of Seattle, Washington, attempts to answer some of these questions by offering a collection of currated smartphone photos documenting this lost shoe phenomenon, along with clever captions that identify where the footwear was found and sometimes speculate about how they became a lost cause.

Discovered on Roosevelt and 62nd in Seattle, Washington: a meticulously placed pair of the darkest of dark shoes, now toe to toe in a standoff. 
Dirkse had been sharing her own mobile photos of the missing shoes she came across on Facebook and the like when her friends started sending her photos of the sneakers and flip-flops they encountered on the streets in cities around the world.
"The images were just as funny to me as finding the shoes in person myself, so I decided to share the joy with everyone by creating a Solely Found Facebook page, Tumblr and Twitter," she said.
#SolelyFound by John in Folly Beach, South Carolina: the tree of lost soles.
#Solely Found by Nila outside of Nordstrom in downtown Seattle, Washington: a pair of sneaks face to face with their future.
Found by Mike on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington: a duo preparing to do-si-do.
The submissions keep racking up, but Dirske requires a few criteria to meet Solely Found standards: the shoe must be found by the submitter; no staging or moving of the shoe is allowed; and the photographer must submit their first name, location where the shoe was found and their thoughts about finding it. She accepts submissions via email at

All those lost soles have led Dirkse to a few conclusions she shared with us: "It's more common to find one lost shoe (truly a "solely' found shoe) than two. If a pair of shoes is found, they're often missing the laces. Flip-flops and sneakers seem to be the most common thing to lose, and I can't wait to find a fancy high heel (I suspect the heel will have been broken if I ever do find one)."

Solely Found isn't alone in its lost shoe cataloging: David Hartzell's Mysterious Shoes of San Francisco compiles mobile photos of the same subject in that city. How many other similar lost sole sites are out there?