The Japanese Technology news site PCWatch post the first Nikon Coolpix 950 review, although this is a beta machine, and the review is in Japanese. There are several sample shots, especially some beautiful macro images.

Below are my notes (bear with me, Japanese is not my first language)
on some of the reviewers comments. (I'll add more as I translate)

Picture Quality

Overall he is very impressed with the image quality, he notes that although the leap from 1.5 to 2.0 megapixels is not huge the image quality has come a long way and that overall resolution, colour and light balance is very good. He also notes that the camera doesn't appear to be applying any software sharpening, that in fact the images appear to be sharp enough straight off the CCD.

He makes a slight comment that at full zoom there is a little chromatic abberation (this could be due to the beta nature of the review camera).

The rest of the review is general "in use" comment.

Phils Comments

Having had a really close look at the samples given on this reviews page I'm confident that the 950 will be delivering an image quality as yet unrealised in consumer digital cameras. Taking a very close look at some of the macro shots and others I have to conclude with the reviewers comments that the camera is not performing any software sharpening (given away by light coloured halos around edges) but rather that the images are sharp in themselves, because of a quality lens system, a quality CCD and electronics system.

My only note would be an accented amount of noise in the blue channel of some of the images, especially in dark areas or where the camera has been used at higher ISO values.

I'm still waiting for the production Coolpix 950 from Nikon Singapore to deliver you all with a complete in-depth review, samples and a head-to-head comparison with the Canon PowerShot Pro 70.

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