Cats will bat at the simulated laser-pointer dot to activate the camera.
As the cat taps the screen, the phone will take their photo.

Inside every cat is a diva waiting to get out. Let your furry friend channel its inner (and outer) vanity with Snapcat for Android.

Start by making sure that Fluffy is ready for his close up. Next, open Snapcat to reveal a bright red dot darting around a black screen. As the cat bats at the dot, your phone's front-facing camera will snap photos of its fuzzy model. 

When the photo shoot is over, humans can use their opposable thumbs to hit the volume button and access the edit and share screen. After consulting with your model, you can use Aviary editing tools to enhance the natural beauty of you subject with a variety of filters, adjustments and stickers.

Once your photo is purrfect (sorry, I couldn't resist), you can only export it to your EyeEm account. The photos you select for upload will get a little Nyan Cat icon before making their way out of Snapcat.

Snapcat is the brilliant result of a 24-hour coding spree during EyeEm's Photo Hack Day 3 in Berlin earlier this month. Winning honorable mention, Snapcat was beaten out by developers who put on an ambient light shows with images, created photo filters from things like bottle caps and made an app that harnesses GPS, Google Maps, Foursquare and EyeEm to find the exact place where a photo was taken. 

Using the slogan "photos of cats, by cats," Snapcat is surely to soar to the top of the charts for the sought after nine-lives-or-more market segment. Sorry, iOS and Windows Phone 8 users. Snapcat is currently only available (for free) in the Google Play Store.