Edelkrone has introduced its QuickReleaseONE, a device the company says is the first universal quick release on the market. The QuickReleaseONE screws into the tripod mount on the bottom of a camera, and attaches to the 1/4"-20 screw on any tripod plate. According to the maker, a camera can be removed from one tripod and attached to another in three seconds.

The screws on tripod plates are the (naturally) universal component found on all variations, and the QuickReleaseONE was designed to accommodate them. The device is made from CNC-machined aluminum and stainless steel; it can support a camera and lens weighing up to 6.6 lbs. It works by placing the quick release over a tripod plate's screw and rotating the lever, meaning that the plate can stay attached to the tripod while the camera is attached. As demonstrated in the video above, the QuickReleaseONE might be most appealing to videographers who use a variety of support devices with different kinds of plates.

QuickReleaseONE is available now through Edelkrone’s website for $139.99 USD.