All images by Ben Lowy using Clara filter on the recently updated EyeEm app.

We're collaborating with our friends at EyeEm today to share new work by photojournalist Ben Lowy, who's been using EyeEm's new Clara filter to document life in Sarajevo.

Lowy famously brought mobile photography to mass media when his Hipstamatic images from Kabul, Afghanistan were published by the New York Times Magazine in 2011. He's also well known for an image of Hurricane Sandy taken with his iPhone which made the cover of TIME Magazine last year.

Most recently, he's been playing with the latest version of EyeEm's Photo Filter Camera app and showing off what one of three new filters — Clara — can do in a series of new work photographed in Sarajevo. Lowy was there as a guest instructor at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop.

Ben told EyeEm the Clara filter is best for shooting outdoors in sunny conditions. 

"I think it’s great outside in bright or flat light. Whites look great with it," he said. "Too dark or too much shadow and the images can get muddy."

You can see more in this series on EyeEm's blog, and try the new Clara filter for yourself by downloading the updated version of EyeEm from the App Store or Google Play. And don't miss what Emmy-award-winning photojournalist Richard Koci Hernandez has been doing with another new EyeEm filter, Capa.