Aska Corporation, the people who brought us the superb CF32A Compact Flash CardBus adapter (AKA. the Delkin CardBus CF adapter) have today announced high speed CardBus adapters for Memory Stick (including Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Duo) - the MS32A and Secure Digital - the SD32A. These new adapters should provide the highest possible throughput from Memory Stick or Secure Digital cards for your Notebook or Laptop computer. Aska claim read throughputs of almost 4,500 KB/sec for the the Memory Stick adapter and 3,000 KB/sec for the Secure Digital adapter. As per their previous adapter these will initiially only be available in Japan but we wouldn't be surprised to see Delkin snap these up and offer them as a Delkin badged product.

Aska 'Speed Over' MS32A and SD32A CardBus adapters

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