Author Peter iNova has released 'Actions! Photoshop CS5,' a pdf e-book optimized for Apple's iPad or computer viewing. It includes over 700 actions for Photoshop CS5 for still images and HD videos. The e-book itself runs to 264 pages that include high resolution images along with interactive hyperlinks and demos. The book is available via GMBooks at a retail price of $25.

Press Release:

New iPad-friendly eBook reveals secrets of Photoshop CS5 Actions

Infrared photo treatment from a non-infrared image using the Action, iIRbw3.

A PDF eBook designed for iPad and computer viewing has been released by GMBooks. More than an ordinary eBook, the package comes with over 700 pre-built Photoshop Actions for the latest version, CS5. It's author Peter iNova's 19th eBook on digital photography.

Titled "Actions! Photoshop CS5," this eBook introduces over 640 Actions for still images and over 50 new actions that can be applied to moving images from HD cameras and HDSLRs. One set makes astounding slit-scan images from movie files. Another set lets you create instant panoramics using HD movie mode.

Actions are strings of precise steps that automate Photoshop. Think macros. With Photoshop Extended CS5, Actions can automate effects and repairs to movie files. This eBook includes the 101 folders of Actions for both stills and movies. Some have hundreds of steps. All of author iNova's previous collection of Actions have been updated, cleaned, oiled and adjusted, and/or re-written to new PS CS5 standards.

These Actions perform repairs, corrections, enhancements, improvements, visual effects and transformations of photos. Many make flaws completely disappear. Some transform photos into exotic artwork like oil paintings, pencil drawings, water colors and pointillism. Others create outright abstracts. Some are for the sheer fun of it. One converts any image into butterflies with photographic wings.

The movie Actions make flickering time-lapse scenes into stable, exposure-perfect clips. A series of movie Actions add glass filter effects including an infinity of grad filters, cross stars, vignettes and mood filtration. Others sharpen, correct exposure and give the photographer access to complex movie grading results. A series performs special effects transformations seen nowhere else.

All the iNovaFX Photoshop Actions are original with author Peter iNova, and all are included in the eBook.

284 pages. 700+ Photoshop and Photoshop Extended Actions version CS5. Over 1000 images are viewable up to 600% enlargement. Interactive hyperlinks are embedded throughout for Contents, Index and Internet examples. PC, Macintosh and iPad-compatible. Reads on Apple's iBook Reader and on your computer using Adobe Reader. Extras include demo and sample images for play or for special tutorial Actions.

Experimentally, this title is priced to be compatible with other iPad eBooks. The entire eBook and all 700+ Actions are only $25. Available now.