Flickr has updated its web interface and released an updated version of its iOS app as it tries to reassert its relevance in a post-Instagram landscape. The refresh of the web interface sees the navigation bar at the top of the site get slimmer, to devote more page space to photos. The 'Explore' page has also been redesigned - taking on the full-width, large tiled design used in the 'My Contacts' page. Flickr has also updated its famously poor iOS app, adding processing filters and better discovery tools.

The app gains many of the basic features it has previously been missing, including the ability to zoom down to pixel level of your images. Discovery tools have also been added, including a 'Contacts' screen and the ability to see images in Groups. Beyond this, the app also adds the de rigueur processing filters in a Twitter-esque attempt to ween users off Instagram. More details of the app can be found over on