PMA 2002: Konica has just announced two new digital cameras; the Digital Revio KD-400Z and the KD-310Z. What's totally unique about these two digital cameras is that they support both SD/MMC Memor Cards and Sony Memory Stick. As far as I know these are the first non-Sony digital cameras to support Memory Stick. The KD-400Z has a 4 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom lens, the KD-310Z has a 3 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom lens. Both cameras are designed to be ultra-compact and are styled in a metallic case.

Press release:

Konica Introduces Leading Edge Line-Up of Digital Cameras Featuring Breakthrough Technology

New Digital Revio KD-400Z and KD-310Z are the world's first digital cameras compatible with both SD/MMC Memory Cards and Memory Stick!

MAHWAH, N.J., February 24, 2002-According to the Photo Marketing Association, consumers are expected to purchase 7.9-million digital cameras in 2002, a 32% increase above the 6-million plus purchased last year. Konica Photo Imaging is ready for the surge of consumer interest in digital photography by introducing two new high resolution Digital Revio Mega Pixel cameras with 4.13, and 3.34 mega pixel CCDs.

According to Robert E. Striano, president and chief executive officer of Konica Photo Imaging, the Digital Revio KD-400Z and KD-310Z - the world's smallest and lightest digital cameras in their class - are also the world's first digital cameras that offer both SD/MMC Memory Card and Memory Stick storage. The demand for these more compact memory cards is growing in conjunction with the introduction of many new compact digital products and devices. Because of this market trend, Konica's Research and Development staff had the foresight to develop this new 'dual-slot' technology that sets these cameras apart from their competition and demonstrates how KPI is the system solutions provider for the imaging industry with a focus on entertainment and communications applications. "This dual-slot technology bodes well for the future of our digital cameras, where smooth connections with PCs, PDAs, next-generation cellular phones, inkjet printers and other networked appliances is becoming an essential prerequisite," Striano said.

Konica's complete line of digital cameras was introduced at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Show (Booth #1948) that opened in Orlando, Fla. today.

Digital Revio KD-400Z

Konica's new Digital Revio KD-400Z has been designed to reflect the realities of an increasingly sophisticated market. In addition to being portable and functional - essential basic requirements for today's camera buyers - it has two important features. It is a digital device that is connectable with a host of PCs and peripherals producing high-quality images and is compatible with a diversity of output equipment.

The SD/MMC Memory Card and Memory Stick Dual Memory slot allows you to easily transmit images to PCs and peripherals including mobile phones, PDAs, photo printers - keeping you connected in today's digital age.

The Digital Revio KD-400Z is the world's smallest and lightest camera in the 4.13 megapixel, 3X zoom class. Other features include a stainless steel alloy exterior that provides a high-class appearance, ultra slim body that enhances mobility and a sliding lens cover that protects the lens while preserving mobility and enhancing visual appearance.

The high-performance, 3X optical Hexanon zoom lens (equivalent to 39-117mm on 35mm film camera) means no compromises in design slimness. The ultrahigh 4.13 megapixel resolution ensures that picture quality is maintained when enlarging and trimming images. Operation recording modes include: single, macro, self-timer, landscape, 2X digital zoom, sepia, movie, voice memo and resize. The resize mode is an important feature because it lets the user downsize an image so that it can be easily transmitted.

The camera also features an imaging processing system with automatic exposure, focus and white balance. This Konica original computing program processes CCD data at a high speed based on original algorithms, thus assuring ideal image capturing conditions and faithful reproduction of the subject being captured. The Digital Revio is also fitted with a new signal processing engine that specializes in high-speed data processing that ensures against missed photo opportunities.

In addition to recording images, the camera is able to record and playback short AVI video "movies" with sound, as well as voice memos. The camera boasts a full array of functions that can be tailored to specific users, from first-time photographers to professionals.

Other highlights of the camera include: LCD monitor, flash, USB interface, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with recharging unit, AC adaptor and stylish blue LED indicators.

The KD-400Z is Exif 2.2 compatible. Simpler images that print out at a higher quality, with additional attachment of information, are possible because of this new Exchangeable Image File Format for digital still cameras.

Konica is not only a total imaging system solutions provider, but a total software solutions provider as well. For image manipulation, the KD-400Z package includes the award-winning Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. This software offers unique features designed specifically for amateur photographers, hobbyists and business users who want to create professional-quality images for print and the Web. Photoshop Elements 1.0 is designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP, 98, 2000 and NT and MAC OS 8.6, 9.0, 9.0.4 or 9.1. Other software includes PC PictureShow® for image viewing and editing. Additionally, Konica's Net Print Service, an exciting partnership with FotoWire, allows consumers - from their home PC - to order processing and prints (for a fee) from a central lab for home delivery. Prints can also be ordered and picked up at partnering Konica System partner retailer location via the FotoWire infrastructure.

The KD-400Z will be available in June 2002.

Digital Revio KD-310Z

The Digital Revio KD-310Z is the world's smallest and lightest camera in the 3.34-megapixel, 3X zoom class. With the exception of the 3.34- megapixel and red LED indicators, the camera has the same features and functions as the KD-400Z.