Users can now lock separate focus and exposure points in Flickr's image capture tool.

Yahoo has released a hefty update to its Flickr app for iOS. Improved capture and editing tools make it easier for mobile photographers customize their shots.

Not yet available for other platforms, the latest update for Flickr's iOS app is packed with features usually reserved for dedicated (and paid) capture and editing applications. 

Flickr now allows users to lock separate focus and exposure points on the capture screen with a two finger tap. In addition, users can view the filters live in the viewfinder. 

When you are ready to edit, you can customize the exposure using the new Levels adjustment, correct color balance, sharpen, brighten, crop, straighten, or even add vignetting to your image.

Flickr has also improved the overall "feel" of the app. The animations are a little different and the overall flow seems fresher and more refined. 

Flickr's new filters can be viewed live in the viewfinder or applied after the shot is captured.
Among the new editing tools, there is a Levels adjustment slider for detailed exposure correction.

The update further confirms Yahoo's commitment to make its photo sharing social network "awesome again" — a promise that it made in 2012 after a web campaign went viral. The changes bring Flickr closer to becoming a one-stop app — letting photographers capture, edit and share photos all in the same place.