IBM Japan has today posted its own Microdrive compatibility chart for both MK 1 (170 MB / 340 MB) and MK 2 (512 MB / 1 GB) Microdrive Compact Flash Type II storage cards. The chart covers all sorts of devices from digital cameras to printers and PDA's. We've extracted and translated the portion covering digital cameras as a reference to our readers.

Key: DMDM-10xxx (MK 1 - 170 MB / 340 MB), DSCM-11xxx (MK 2 - 512 MB / 1 GB)

Camera Interface DMDM-10xxx DSCM-11xxx
Casio XV-3 CF-2
Kyocera Finecam 3300 CF-2
Canon EOS-D30 CF-2
Canon D2000 PCMCIA ?
Canon PowerShot S10 CF-2 *1 *1
Canon PowerShot S20 CF-2
Canon PowerShot G1 CF-2
Canon PowerShot Pro70 CF-2
Canon PowerShot Pro90 CF-2
Casio QV-2000UX CF-2 ?
Casio QV-3000EX CF-2 ?
Fujifilm Finepix S1 Pro CF-2 *6
Kodak DCS-315 PCMCIA *2 ?
Kodak DCS-520 PCMCIA *2 ?
Nikon D1H CF-2 *7
Nikon D1X CF-2 *7 *8
Sanyo DSC-SX150 CF-2 *4
Sanyo DSC-SX550 CF-2 *4
Sanyo DSC-SX560 CF-2
Minolta RD-3000 CF-2 ?

? Untested
*1 Refer to Canon for compatibility with Canon PowerShot S10
*2 If the Microdrive is formatted insdie the DCS camera it may become unusable
*4 Please refer to Sanyo for compatibility with DSC-SX550 and DSC-SX150
*6 There is a problem with formatting the MK 2 Microdrive in a FinePix S1 Pro which may lead to the camera locking up.

MK 1 Microdrive (170 MB / 340 MB) is only compatible with the Nikon D1H/D1X when the Microdrive's serial number ends in a 'D'. As seen in this picture.


MK 2 Microdrive (512 MB / 1 GB) may not work properly with the Nikon D1X due to a problem with the Microdrive electronics. This is affects MK 2 microdrive with a suffix other than '0xx', where xx is any other characters. That is the first digit of the last three of the serial number must be a zerio. As seen in this picture.

UPDATED: With data from IBM US website.