Manfrotto has announced the Klyp, an iPhone case that allows the use of mini tripods and LED lighting panels. The company rather entertainingly talks in terms of turning the iPhone into 'a complete and professional camera,' but the ability to attach supports and lighting will undoubtedly be useful. The case allows accessories to be clipped-on at various points around the phone, allowing use in different orientations, and packages are available that include the company's compact LED light panels. The case, which fits the iPhone 4 and 4S, will retail for around £25, with lighting a tripod bundles also available.

Press Release:

Want better looking friends? KLYP IT…OR MISS IT!

Manfrotto presents KLYP, the first accessory that turns your iPhone into a professional camera

For brighter movies and pictures, just KLYP!

London, 27 September 2012 - Manfrotto, world leader in the equipment and accessories industry for photography and imaging, is proud to announce the launch of KLYP: a revolutionary and stylish solution designed to transform the iPhone 4 and 4s into a complete and professional camera.

The new product consists of a special iPhone case equipped with two adaptor clips ready to host two of the most iconic products in the Manfrotto range for social recorders: POCKET tripods and LED lights.

With the launch of KLYP, Manfrotto further reinforces the connection between photography and mobile devices, allowing photographers to capture the moment wherever they are and whenever they want, as the greatest advantage offered by smartphones is that they are ‘always on’.

A staggering 3,500 photos are uploaded to Facebook every second, equivalent to 300 million photos every day. A significant proportion of these are taken with the iPhone and now KLYP.

KLYP can help people improve the quality of the photos by optimizing light and sharpness of images.

KLYP will be available in-store from the 1st October in leading retailers including John Lewis, selected Selfridges, Calumet, Dixons Travel, Warehouse Express, Amazon and leading independent retailers and will come in five distinctive kits:

  • case with two adaptor clips to enable use of supports and lights;
  • case complete with ML240 LED light for videography, FaceTime and photography in low light;
  • case complete with ML240 LED light and Manfrotto POCKET tripod for support out and about;
  • case complete with compact ML120 LED light;
  • case complete with ML120 LED light and Manfrotto POCKET tripod.

Prices for KLYPstart from £24.95.

The two removable “clips” can be attached to any of four different points around the case to allow both landscape and portrait images. This allows the Manfrotto LED light to be added in the optimum position to fill in shadows when shooting stills or video in low light conditions.

The KLYP case has been developed by Manfrotto with a unique rail system, which enables the case to remain sleek and have no protrusions to detract from its appearance whilst still allowing full access to all iPhone functions.

With the launch of KLYP, Manfrotto takes its very first steps into a new industry, the one of mobile phone accessories, enriching the market with its unique heritage and expertise in the imaging field,” comments Marco Pezzana, Manfrotto CEO.

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