When you're an inventor, you get to put your name on whatever it is you invent. That's the rule. Hence, the RockSolid Stubilizer. Dreamed up by extreme sports junkie Stuart Smith, the Stubilizer - a GoPro-compatible, plug-and-play image stabilizer - is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter to help reach production. Specifically, the Stubilizer uses brushless motor gimbal technology to minimize shake on up to three axis (there are three models described in the project). The Solo corrects for roll, the Duo corrects for roll and pitch, and the Pro corrects pitch, yaw and roll.  

From left to right, the Stubilizer Solo, Duo and Pro.

The Stubilizer doesn't eliminate vibration, it only aims to smooth out jerky movements along the axis it's equipped to correct. It's intended to help extreme sports videographers avoid using software for stabilization after-the-fact. It does come with some limitations, however. It's not waterproof, and the Pro version is offered with some disclaimers as a more experimental model. 

With a little more than a month to go, the project is at about a quarter of its £50,000 goal. Head over to the Kickstarter page for more information.