Introducing a new level of interactivity to readers of Digital Photography Review. Do you own a Digital Camera? Probably, in a recent survey we conducted over 65% of you do. Noting a recent trend on the Forums of people posting mini-reviews we've now extended the functionality of the Cameras Database to accept Owners Ratings and Owners Reviews (in short Owners Opinion).

You can rate a camera based on Construction, Features, Image Quality, Ease of Use and Value for Money. You can also post mini-reviews and report any particular problems you've suffered with the camera (you can even rate your own abilities!).

These ratings are averaged for each camera and displayed in the specifications / comparison / side-by-side comparison pages. Clicking on a "Read opinions" link (or the star rating) gives you a breakdown of just how the camera rates (on average) for each of the rating criteria, you can also read mini-reviews posted on the camera.

How do I add my opinion? Simple, just go to the Specifications database, choose your camera (first by brand) then click on the camera then pick the "post opinion" link.. Easy.

What are you waiting for? Rate your camera, have your say!