Strydent Software is currently undertaking a survey of users of digital cameras and ink jet printers. Their aim is to develop custom printer drivers which deliver better output and colour matching, which will ultimately benefit you in producing better photos. Completing the survey entitles you to be entered into a prize draw for $200 worth of "digital darkroom" supplies (photo paper and ink). UPDATE: Due to a technical problem on our server some of the responses from yesterday have been lost.. If you filled the form in yesterday please complete and re-send it today. Phil: Apologies.


Thank you for your interest in participating in our digital camera user survey.

  • If you complete this survey, you will be eligible to win $200 worth of "digital darkroom" supplies, including ink and photo paper for your printer.
  • Additionally, you will be eligible to take part in further focus group activities, public beta testing, and special offers on Strydent Software products.
  • Please complete your name and email address, then answer all of the questions in the survey text and click on "Send". Only a fully completed survey entitles you to take part in the prize draw.
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