Nikon has today announced that the D2X digital SLR will begin shipping on 25 February and its suggested street price will be $4,999 (approx €3,818) and MSRP of $6,299 (€4,810). The UK price will be £3,499. The successor to the D1X was announced in September and can shoot five frames per second at 12.4 million pixels, or 8 frames per second using the High Speed Cropped Image mode which reduces the resolution to 6.8 megapixels. New features include a CMOS image sensor and a WT-2A WiFi transmitter for wireless remote control. Nikon also announced that the AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens will have a retail price of $5,999 (€4,581/£3,999) and will be available this month.

Press Release:


Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce pricing and availability for its highly anticipated D2X professional digital SLR camera. The camera will begin shipping on February 25, 2005 with a suggested street price of $4999.95 (MSRP $6299.95).

Designed as a truly versatile workhorse camera for many professional disciplines, the 12.4 million-pixel D2X blends for the first time the high levels of resolution commercial clients demand with superb image quality, color consistency and class-leading speed. The D2X can comfortably shoot full resolution 12.4 million pixel images at 5 frames per second (up to 21 consecutive JPEGS and 15 NEFs), and when the situation demands yet faster frame rates, the D2X has a unique 6.8 megapixel 'High Speed Cropped Image' mode that boosts the shooting rate to 8 frames per second (up to 35 consecutive JPEGs or 26 NEFs) by cropping the number of pixels used on the sensor to create the image.

The D2x also supports a range of exclusive options that greatly enhance the camera’s capabilities. Nikon’s newly introduced WT-2A Wi-Fi transmitter achieves full wireless remote camera control and transmission, while the revolutionary i-TTL Speedlight technology included in the D2X ensures radical new possibilities in wireless creative lighting.

Nikon has also announced pricing and availability for its all-new AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED super-telephoto lens that features Nikon's remarkable Vibration Reduction (VR) technology. Initial deliveries of the lens will begin in January of 2005, with an MSRP of $5,999.00. The AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED is the first lens to incorporate Nikon's new Nano-Crystal AR Coat, which demonstrates superior anti-reflective properties to virtually eliminate ghost and flare to provide clear and vivid images when shooting under powerful sunlight or indoors under spotlights.

UK Press Release:

Nikon UK announces the sales release date for the groundbreaking Nikon D2X

Wednesday January 12, 2005 - Confirming the most eagerly awaited photographic industry news in recent months Nikon UK is pleased to announce the arrival of the Nikon D2X. The 12.4 megapixel, professional digital SLR will be on sale from February 25th 2005. The camera will be priced at £3499.99.

‘This is great news for professional photographers’ said Tim Hunnable, Group Product Manager, Nikon UK. He added: ‘The slight delay in getting the D2X to market has allowed us to increase production to meet the demands of back orders’.

Wireless Transmitter WT-2

The new WT-2 allows high-speed wireless FTP transfer of digital images or full PTP over IP wireless Remote control with automated set up and improved security. The same compact size and excellent on camera balance which has helped to make the WT-1 a success has also been adopted on the WT-2.

The sales release date and price for the WT-2 is to be confirmed.

AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED

The new AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED telephoto lens has to date been well received. Featuring Nikon’s unique Nano-crystal coat technology to minimize internal reflections that can lead to ghost and flare. The lens is especially effective when shooting under point light sources such as floodlit sports arenas. Vibration Reduction enhances low light shooting by enabling slower shutter speeds to be selected without risking hand shake.

£3999.99 - available now

Nikon Capture 4.2

To coincide with the arrival of the Nikon D2X and WT-2 wireless transmitter Nikon has introduced an upgrade to the Nikon Capture software.

Including all of the tools necessary to enable PTP over IP wireless remote control of a Nikon D2X camera, the new version maintains full backwards compatibility whilst adding increased sophistication.

Key features:

  • D-Lighting replaces digital DEE from version 4.1. It offers a choice of high speed or high quality adjustments to highlights or shadows in high contrast lighting situations.
  • Photo Effects tool replaces the Colour Balance tool with more refined options.
  • A new Straighten tool instantly levels horizons in a click and drag operation.
  • A new Marker tool which enables editing steps to be tracked and undone faster.
  • The new LCH editor now enables individual adjustments to Lightness, Chroma and Hue in addition to the general Curves tool.
  • Simpler Batch processing is possible by just dragging desired settings from the current image to any or all others in the Multi-image window.
  • This increasingly sophisticated list of tools are organised simply in a Find Tool list.
  • The software is ‘Nikon Message Centre’ enabled to keep the customers automatically updated with software upgrades whenever they are online.

£119.99 - sale release date to be confirmed

For more information regarding the features and specifications of these and all other Nikon imaging solutions please visit or your Nikon dealer.