Red has launched firmware version 6.0.23 for its cameras, a significant update over previous version 5.3.42 that brings some useful features for still photography. In addition to new features, the firmware also introduces 21 bug fixes that correct various software issues like playback errors and the camera freezing.

Included in the new firmware are a Stills Multi-Shot recording mode and a Motion + Stills recording mode. Multi-Shot enables burst shooting of still images with the ability to limit the total number of frames captured. Motion + Stills makes it possible to mark frames for potential extraction later while recording clips. A new function of the still/movie slider is also enabled, as it now toggles between video recording and a still-optimized recording mode.

With firmware 6.0.23, Red's cameras also gain auto IP support, user 3x3 gain controls, pre-record ramp support, remote control panel support, 60fps project frame rate support, 'Swipe Up' menus, a few REDCAST improvements, and more. The Dragon camera in particular also has received tethered stills and recording support, 3D LUT, and clip viewer and thumbnail support.

A full list of changes in firmware version 6.0.23 is available on Red's forums, as well as links to downloads for its various camera models.