According to Rob Galbraith's site, Kodak US has dropped the price of the DCS620 & DCS620x to bring them closer to the price of Nikon's D1. The price cuts of US$1000 off the DCS 620 and US$2000 off the DCS 620x mean you'll be able to pick up a DCS 620 (without an anti-aliasing filter) for about US$5500.

Click here for the full story on Rob Galbraith's site

Rob also notes a drop in price for the DCS 315 and 330 (though not connected directly to this news). This should mean that the price in the dealers (in the US at least) will be around:

  • US$6000 for a Kodak DCS 620 with anti-alias filter, dual-slot charger, AC adapter and power cable set.
  • US$5500 for Kodak DCS 620 with a lower-cost IR blocking filter instead of the anti-alias filter, no charger, AC adapter and power cable set.
  • US$6400 for the Kodak DCS 620x. (Est.)
  • US$3500 for the Kodak DCS 330.
  • US$1795 for the Kodak DCS 315 kit (inc. IX-Nikkor 24-70mm lens).