Site contributor Vincent Bockaert has today announced the latest version of his excellent 'The 123 of digital imaging Interactive e-book'. The new e-book appears to be far more than a simple upgrade, the e-book now covers even more software including Adobe Photoshop CS and Photoshop Album 2.0 (as well as keeping content for Photoshop 7 and Album 1.0). The layout and control of the e-book has also been improved as a result of user feedback. Building on the previous version this e-book is probably the most comprehensive guide you'll ever need for the most in-depth knowledge of digital imaging and digital photography. Available as a download or packaged CD-ROM.

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Press Release: announces:
The 123 of digital imaging Interactive e-book™ - Version 2.0 Announces Version 2.0 of its Popular Interactive e-book has released Version 2.0 of its popular and innovative interactive e-book about digital imaging. Version 2.0 is fully updated with the very latest developments in digital imaging hardware and software, including Adobe Photoshop CS. Many new features have been added to further enhance the unique learning experience.

High Quality and Up-to-date Content Delivered in an Innovative Way

The vast amount of available information about digital imaging has been simplified, synthesized, and molded into a flexible, powerful, and easy to use learning tool. The 123 of digital imaging Interactive e-book makes the content easy to understand through interactive and animated pages. The e-book covers all aspects of the digital imaging workflow. It starts off with interesting background theory on topics such as colors, histograms, compression, dynamic range, sensor technology, and the differences between conventional and digital photography. Cameras, accessories, scanners, monitors, printers, and other hardware are explained in great detail, including buying advice. Finally, it covers a wide range of useful image editing techniques via hands-on animated tutorials, followed by unique interactive manuals for the Adobe Photoshop range of products. The highly integrated and interlinked content is easily accessible through a multitude of search and navigation options and is fully optimized to maximize readability on computer monitors. Unlike printed books, the e-book is regularly updated with the latest technology at very affordable upgrade rates. Most topics have Essential and Advanced levels, which can be selected by the reader at any time via buttons.

Essential Content

The essential sections will bring beginners quickly up to speed by explaining complicated concepts in a simple way via colorful and high quality animation's, which can be controlled by the user. Unique interactive pages change as the reader clicks on the various buttons on the page, instantly showing the reader the effect of things like sharpening, compression, and changing the focal length, etc. Even advanced users will find the essential sections useful as a “refresher course” before they dive into the advanced sections. The essential tutorial sections are based on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, Photoshop Album 1.0, and the newly released Photoshop Album 2.0.

Advanced Content

The advanced sections allow “prosumers” and professional users to easily access in-depth background information lacking in many books about digital imaging. These sections build on the information presented in the essential sections and contain detailed technical information and more advanced editing techniques based on Adobe Photoshop 7 and the newly released Photoshop CS.

New e-book Features in Version 2.0

  • Larger 800 X 740 e-book window with improved page layout
  • Text areas are 70% larger for better readability on higher resolution monitors
  • The bookmark feature opens the e-book at the page you were viewing when you last closed it. This was the single most frequently requested feature by readers
  • Animation's have frame counters and progress bars for easy reference
  • Index of keywords has more than doubled in size
  • Automated installation
  • Simplified activation via a new website

New e-book Content in Version 2.0

  • Content is fully up to date with the newly released Adobe Photoshop CS and Photoshop Album 2.0 - The content for Adobe Photoshop 7 and Photoshop Album 1.0 is still included
  • Completely edited content updated with the latest technology (e.g. detailed comparison between CMOS and JFET LBCAST sensors)
  • Panoramas, monitor calibration, printing, and many other topics have been expanded
  • Several new topics, such as creating 3D effects and creating printer profiles, have been added


Unlike printed books, the e-book is regularly updated with the latest technology at very affordable upgrade rates. Upgrades are free for users who bought on or after September 29, 2003. Special upgrade pricing is available for other existing users.

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