Pentax has today released firmware version 1.10 for the *ist D digital SLR. This is the first firmware update for this camera, it adds / fixes the following: you can use the hyper manual function with the aperture ring set to a position other than A, the use of exposure compensation in Manual mode, prevent Auto Bracketing from being cancelled when the camera auto powered off and an update to EXIF 2.2 file format and the change of prefix for Adobe RGB colorspace images.This firmware update is available on both the Pentax Japan and Pentax USA websites. The update is available for Windows and Mac.

Click here for the Pentax *ist D firmware 1.1 changes document (PDF)

Click here for the Pentax *ist D firmware 1.1 update page (USA)

Release Notes:


Thank you for using a Pentax *istD digital camera, and for your interest in updating your camera's firmware to version 1.10. This new firmware version enhances your camera in a number of ways. For example, you can now use the HyM (hyper manual) function with SMC Pentax or SMC Pentax-M lenses that do not have an "A" position on the aperture ring.


You can use the HyM (hyper manual) function when your lens aperture ring is set to a position other than the "A" position.

You can use EV compensation in the M (manual) mode.

If you are using the auto bracketing mode and the camera automatically powers down after a period of inactivity, the auto bracketing mode will not be cancelled.

Note that turning off your camera normally will cancel the auto bracketing mode. This enhancement only applies when the *istD engages its auto-power-off function.

The file format and file system of the *istD are compatible with the EXIF 2.21 and the DCF 2.0 standards.

When you set [Color Space] in the *istD custom function menu to [Adobe RGB], your TIFF and JPEG image file names will change from "IMGPxxxx" to "_IGPxxxx" where "xxxx" is a 4 digit numeral.