Alpine photographer Jonathan Griffith
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Alpine photographer Jonathan Griffith

A Crown of Clouds Over the Summit of the Dent du Requin as the Sun Sets in the Distance - Europe. Photo by Jonathan Griffith

Based out of the climbing town of Chamonix, France, Jonathan Griffith has been making 'life threatening' a sport for more than a decade. Returning with exceptional sets of rare and exciting images of extended mountain hikes and nearly vertical ice climbs as well as perilous extreme sports like cliff-face paragliding and large-grade downhill skiing, the alpinist and photographer has toured worldwide sites from Alaska to the Alps to Patagonia and the Himalayas.

He has recently released a book called, 'Alpine Exposures', which collects several hundred photographs that oscillate between serenely peaceful mountaintop panoramas, high-octane action shots and otherworldly, frigid nighttime scenics. Griffith is principally a climber, especially as safety comes first for him at all times, but the imagery he has managed in the face of danger is extraordinary not only for its visual acumen but also for highlighting the current capabilities of imaging technology.

'It's pretty serious terrain, so it's a climbing kit all the way,' explains the alpinist about his reductionist camera pack of only a lightweight Canon EOS 5D with attached wide angle lens. 'In addition, on long climbs of several days every gram counts so even carrying my 5D is pushing it on these big faces! My camera is rammed in to the top of my climbing pack and that's it. It gets the shit kicked out of it but I expect my gear to take some knocks here and there. If you spend all your time worrying about your kit you'll never get your camera out in the first place. Half the time I don't even have a lens cap on the thing because it's precious time lost taking it off and back on with gloves.”

'Alpine Exposures' is available at See more of his photography at and find out more about his harrowing experiences in our Q+A.