Fujifilm US have today announced a $50 rebate off Yamaha's YST-MS201 multimedia speaker system (retail price $50 - thus the rebate making them effectively free). The 40i was of course the first digital camera to offer both MP3 audio and digital photography capability, featuring the same imager as found on the 4700Z and 4900Z but with a fixed focal length lens, it's a small package with a lot of functionality. The offer runs from December 1 to December 23.

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Today, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. announced a special holiday rebate that gives buyers of its Fujifilm FinePix 40i digital camera a $50 rebate on the purchase of Yamaha's YST-MS201 multimedia speaker system.

The FinePix 40i is the first high-resolution digital camera with MP3 audio capabilities, in addition to digital video. As a camera, the FinePix 40i features Fujifilm's exclusive Super CCD sensor technology for increased resolution, a more favorable signal-to-noise ratio and a wider dynamic range, all elements that contribute to crisp, clear and colorful digital images.

As an MP3 audio player, the FinePix 40i plays back near CD-quality music. All MP3 controls operate via a tethered remote into which the user can plug in the FinePix 40i's provided ear buds, his or her own headphones or multimedia speakers like the Yamaha YST-MS201. In addition, the remote can be used to capture and then view images on the FinePix 40i's LCD panel. Priced at $699, the FinePix 40i is available in traditional silver or "cosmic blue".

Designed to take advantage of multimedia software, like MP3 audio files, the YST-MS201 system features 30 watts of total output power and Yamaha's exclusive Active Servo Technology for deep, powerful bass. The stylish YST-MS201 system, which includes two slant-baffle satellite speakers and a wood subwoofer, is available in Platinum White and Calypso Black at a suggested list price of $50.00.

The rebate offer runs from December 1 through December 23, 2000, at both traditional and World Wide Web retailers, such as Best Buy, CompUSA, Fry's, Gateway Country and Egghead.com. In order to be eligible for the rebate, consumers must purchase the FinePix 40i and YST-MS201system during the stated offer period. Purchasers must then send a photocopy of the original sales receipt(s), UPC codes for both products, completed United States Fujifilm product registration card and rebate coupon -- which can be picked up at participating retailers or at www.fujifilm.com -- to the following address: Fujifilm/Yamaha Rebate Offer, Department #26601, P.O. Box 52900, Phoenix, AZ 85072. Eligible consumers will receive the $50 rebate by mail.

For more information on the Fujifilm FinePix 40i and other Fujifilm digital imaging products, please visit the company's Web site at www.fujifilm.com or call 1-800-800.FUJI.