Ever wanted to go for a swim with your S100/IXUS? Now you can, Canon's AW-PS 200 waterproof case will allow you to go down to three metres, it also protects the camera from the odd knock and is also dust proof. It's available now (in Europe at least) for 225 EUR (£ 140, US$ 200). Thanks to Digitalkamera.de for this article.

Does it really dive? Well, maybe not by itself, but anyway, with the new protective case AW-PS 200, the Canon Digital Ixus is water-, shock- and dustproof and can be taken down to a depth of up to 3 metres under the water.

The shock-proof ABS-polycarbonate case of Canon's all-weather case AW-PS 200 takes the Digital Ixus in and thus protects it against dampness, sand/dust and shocks. Rubber seals on the case take care that the thus "wrapped " camera is protected against the intrusion of water in depths of up to 3 metres. The respective camera keys can be pressed from the outside via stainless-steel keys, which have also been sealed. Thus all the basic features, such as zoom switch, flash switch and macro mode, are still accessible to the photographer. The camera lens offers a clear view of the motif through the coated-glass lens window. The photographer can also clearly see the LCD colour screen. The all-weather case AW-PS 200 for the Digital Ixus weighs a mere 180 grammes, it clings to the camera body (external dimensions of the case: 8.52 x 11.85 x 4.54 cm) and is available now for approx. 225 EUR.

Image MediaNord / digitalkamera.de