Filter manufacturer Cokin has introduced a new range of neutral density filters that it claims are free of color casts and which block infrared light. The Nuances range comes in sizes to fit the company's Creative Filter System holders, from M (P) to XL (X-Pro), and in six different strengths.

Made from Schott Glass B270 and treated on both faces with 'nano metallic alloy' via Cokin's new coating process, the filters can be stacked without effecting color changes.

Strengths of ND2, ND4, ND8, ND32, ND256 and ND1024 will be available to block between one and ten stops of light, while filters of ND32 and above, in L and XL sizes, will come supplied with a foam mask to close the gap between the glass and the filter holder – to prevent light leaks between the filter and the lens.
The filters will be priced from £59.99 for the ND32 in the M/P series size to £149.99 for the ND1024 filter in the XL/ X series.

For more information visit the Cokin website.