Mike Chaney just dropped me a line to let me know he's just posted QImage Pro 2001, v2.0. This new version has several new improvements not least of which it's support for Nikon D1x NEF RAW images (uncompressed) including a 10 megapixel (4020 x 2638) output format as well as faster RAW file decoding, better colour rendition for Olympus ORF RAW files and a couple of bug fixes.

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Qimage Pro 2001, v2.0 (06/20/01)

New Features:

NEW NEF/ORF DECODER: Version 2.0 offers Qimage Pro's fastest, most accurate raw image decoder to date, and adds support for (uncompressed) Nikon D1x NEF images. Here is a comprehensive list of enhancements to NEF/ORF support in Qimage Pro 2001 v2.0:

  • Better: Although considered exceptional by many users since version 1.3, Qimage Pro's NEF/ORF interpolation has been enhanced to produce slightly sharper results.
  • Faster: All NEF/ORF images will decode approximately 30% faster than v1.62!
  • More accurate: We've updated the ORF ICC profile to a v2.0 profile, increasing the color accuracy of E-10 ORF images.
  • D1x support: v2.0 will now decode Nikon D1x NEF images (uncompressed). D1x NEF images are decoded at 4020 x 2638 (10.6 MP) to preserve maximum image detail. In addition, Qimage Pro uses three separate camera specific ICC profiles for the D1, D1x and E-10 respectively to ensure that each camera returns perfect color every time!
  • IMAGE LOCK: The "Image Lock" feature now locks all images in an upright position on the printed page, ensuring no auto-rotation will be performed when the image lock is on.


  • CROP/ROTATE: Fixed a bug that was causing strange results when cropping an image after applying a rotation.
  • CROP AND SLIDE SHOW: Fixed a problem that was causing a dimmed black and white area to show during a slide show if the image being viewed had an associative crop.