On Thursday, Google began rolling out an update for its Snapseed photo editing app, bringing the software to version 2.0. Both the iOS and Android versions have been updated, and among the new features are five additional photo filters, with Tonal Contrast, Lens Blur, and Glamour Glow counted among them. The iOS update went live in the App Store on Thursday, and the Android update was posted to the Google Play Store earlier today.

With Snapseed 2, users on either platform are now able to re-edit any image via Stacks, as well as copy the edits from one photograph to another for expedited editing. Likewise, Snapseed 2 also brings an adjustable Lens Blur that can be applied in all directions. Effects can also be applied to a particular section of a photograph using brush tools. An updated user interface gives the app a fresh look and provides a more intuitive experience.

Also available on both versions of the app is a Spot Repair tool, which allows users to retouch images and heal specific sections. Both horizontal and vertical axes perspectives can be adjusted using Transform, which will also fill in the empty areas resulting from a rotation.

Via: Snapseed