Image processor maker Ambarella has announced the A7L stills and HD video chip is available. The latest processor is designed for use with the fast-readout CMOS sensors now appearing in cameras and can capture 1080p60 video or up to 30 16MP images per second. It features multi-frame High ISO capture/combination and on-chip HDR processing. It can also conduct real-time lens distortion correction for use with compact wide-angle lenses. It is the company's first processor to be built on 32nm-scale technology and offers 40% lower power consumption than its current A7 processor.

Press Release:

Ambarella A7L enables the next generation of Digital Still Cameras with 1080p60 fluid motion video

First 32nm digital camera chip offers outstanding still image quality with ultra low power consumption

Santa Clara, CA — September 26, 2011 — Ambarella, Inc., a leader in low-power, high-definition video compression and image-processing semiconductors, has announced availability of the A7L system-on-chip (SoC), enabling the development of a new generation of HD video enabled Digital Still Cameras (DSCs). The A7L supports full 1080p HD H.264 video at 60 frames per second for fluid motion even during fast moving sports scenes and can capture up to thirty 16-megapixel still images per second. Its multi-frame, high ISO image capture and High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing ensure exceptional image quality, while the A7L's lens distortion correction enables optimal results from wide angle and small form factor lenses. The A7L is fabricated in leading edge 32nm process technology, and requires only a single 16-bit DDR3 DRAM for extremely low power consumption and low system cost.

"The A7L offers a unique combination of outstanding still image quality and full 1080p60 HD video for the next generation of hybrid digital still cameras," said Fermi Wang, Ambarella CEO. "We believe the chip's incredibly low power consumption will not only extend battery life but inspire innovation in new camera form factors."

"The Digital Still Camera market is forecasted to grow to over 150 million units in 2012, as new models offer both high still image quality and full HD video," said Chris Chute, Research Manager, Worldwide Digital Imaging Solutions and Services of IDC. "Enabled by the wider adoption of CMOS sensors and availability of new SoC solutions, including Ambarella's A7L, compact DSCs will be able to offer full resolution 60-frames-per-second HD video, a key feature for future market growth."

The A7L includes hardware for real-time panorama sweep photography and offers a variety of video and still picture effects including: watercolor painting, drawing, miniature, pop color, and soft focus. It can deliver clear images even in low light conditions using 3D Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) and multiple exposures. Night time photography is optimized using advanced flash light support with multi-frame still image processing.

Advanced Image Stabilization and Wireless Connectivity

Ambarella's advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with full rolling shutter correction for CMOS sensors allows the A7L to achieve sharp, steady images even when the camera is shaking. Designed for network-connected cameras, the A7L can simultaneously encode a full HD stream while encoding a second mobile resolution stream for uploading to the Internet or wireless streaming. A 600-MHz ARM11 CPU provides the required performance for a full set of connected camera software applications, including smart phone tethering and streaming over WiFi networks.