PMA 2002: Nixvue has today announced their latest generation 'Digital Album' product with the new Vista. The Vista improves on the Digital Album design by having a built in 1.8" colour LCD screen which can be used to review and manipulate images transferred and stored on the unit. Other improvments include direct connection ports along the side of the unit (no need for a 'travel jack'), higher capacity battery for longer life, replacement of the PCMCIA slot with a CF Type II connector (no need for adapters to read CF cards - other media adapters will be available). Connectivity is via USB although USB 2.0, Firewire and Ethernet add-ons are planned. The Vista will be available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 GB capacities.

Vista features

  • Instant Viewing
  • Built-In Operating System
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Large Portable Storage Capacity
  • Palm-Sized Portability
  • Output Display to PAL or NTSC displays
  • Output to Printers (HP Inkjet, Epson Stylus Photo)
  • Functions as a Card Reader
  • Support for Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.1+ and Linux

LCD Monitor Operation

Below you can see examples of the new full colour interface, browsing, thumbnail and image viewing application which can now be used directly through the built-in LCD screen.

Main menu After copying files from CF card Verifying copied files
Keeping a track of available storage space Settings menu Browsing images in a file list view
Browsing images in a thumbnail view Viewing an image at full screen Magnifiying an image (200%)