Thanks to Niklas on our Sony Talk forum for noting Sony's new ICX413AQ six megapixel 3:2 ratio APS sized CCD. After some digging I managed to confirm this chip either is or soon will be in production. The chip is APS sized and has a pixel cell size of 7.8µm x 7.8µm, it is an interline frame readout chip and requires a mechanical shutter, thus it is designed for D-SLR's. Interestingly it's capable of capturing at 3 fps in single channel mode and 5 fps in dual channel mode. This sensor is ideally sized and specified to be used in a 35 mm SLR bodied D-SLR (it would produce a 1.5x focal length multiplier).

Sony ICX413AQ specifications (unconfirmed)

Optical Format 1.8" / diagonal 28.4 mm (APS sized)
Aspect Ratio 3:2
Colour filters Primary GRGB (Bayer Mosaic)
Transfer method Interline frame readout (requires mechanical shutter)
Total number of pixels 3110 x 2030 (6.31 million)
Number of effective pixels 3032 x 2016 (6.11 million)
Active pixels 3000 x 2000 (6 million square pixels)
Active imager area 23.4 x 15.6 mm
Unit cell size 7.8µm x 7.8µm
Optical black Horizontal: Front 20 pixels, Rear 50 pixels
Vertical: Front 4 pixels, Rear 2 pixels
Saturation signal 900 mV
Smear -80 dB
Frame rate 3.06 fps (single channel mode)
5.09 fps (dual channel mode)
Target mass production June 2002

Note: this CCD used in a 35 mm SLR body would produce a 1.5x field-of-view crop (focal length multiplier).