This image was shot in Myvatn, northern Iceland. I’d been shooting there for several years now, but this was the most magical I had ever seen it. The entire area was covered with fluffy frost and snow, created by a combination of fresh snow, high humidity and low temperatures.

The highlight was the snow-laden trees. After shooting a blazing red sunset with my northern Iceland workshop group, the colors subsided and a blue/purple sky, adorned by a full moon, remained above the trees.

The final image was focus-stacked from 2 shots captured with my Sony a7R and Canon 16-35mm F4L IS lens at 16mm, F11, 8sec and ISO100.

Erez Marom is a professional nature photographer, photography guide and traveler based in Israel. You can follow Erez's work on Instagram, Facebook and 500px, and subscribe to his mailing list for updates. Erez offers photo workshops worldwide.