Sony has introduced a new CMOS sensor, calling it the highest sensitivity sensor of its kind. Developed for automotive use, the new chip can capture color images in light conditions down to 0.005 lux. The sensor is 1/3-inch type with 1.27 effective megapixels, and supports a Wide Dynamic Range system that uses extended exposure times rather than using multiple exposures.

The sensor, 'IMX224MQV' captured this image at 0.005 lux. The ability to render color in near darkness is useful in automotive cameras that must make do with light on moonless nights. 

The sensor is a 1/3-inch type with 1.27 megapixels.

According to Sony, the increased sensitivity was achieved 'through the adoption of photo diodes that improve the conversion efficiency of light into electrons and through the installation of circuits that improve the conversion efficiency of those electrons into voltage.' Also included in the sensor design is a programmable gain amplifier with up to 72 dB gain, which can ensure that even low signals from scene objects are amplified enough to be accurately represented in the final digital signal.

The design also includes enhanced near-infrared (NIR) sensitivity, which can facilitate object detection in conjunction with NIR illumination. 

Moving forward, Sony hopes to continue developing sensors for vehicles 'and elsewhere' that can detect shapes, movement, object distance, and color.