Put your mark on a photography museum
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Put your mark on a photography museum

As much as I can indulge in flights of fancy about having enough money to bribe government officials to let me take photos with the James Webb Space Telescope (arguably the greatest camera ever invented!) I pulled my ripcord and reentered the atmosphere. The thought occurred that so much of photography is in the past and literally belongs in a museum.

As much as we at DPR love to be dorks about dynamic range, megapixels, autofocus and the latest imaging tech, a lot of the history we love and admire is disappearing. That's where museums come into play. Archivists are heroically saving our history, preserving prints, restoring old corroded cameras, and spreading the love of photography to new generations.

So, if you've got the cash lying around, why not give to a photography museum? If you're a big roller, go ahead and buy them a new foyer, storage facility, or exhibit wing. Places like the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY or the Academy Museum in Los Angeles, CA are institutions I can vouch for. Why not kick them a million or two? Cinema and photographic history is priceless, after all! Plus, they'll probably let you put the name of your choosing on whatever they buy with the dough.

I can't imagine a better gift than seeing a loved one's name above some spectacular fine art photographs or a temperature-controlled negative storage vault. But maybe that's just me.

— Brendan Nystedt