Leica M6 Reissue
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Leica M6 Reissue

The last time I visited Wetzlar, Germany, it was to attend the 40th Leica Photographica Auction. I was fortunate enough to see old friends again, and witness the record-breaking sale of the Leica 0-Series prototype. Because Jordan Drake and I were covering the auction for DPReview TV we didn't have a specific camera to review, so I thought, why not make a retrospective about my personal favorite, the Leica M6 rangefinder?

The Leica executives were gracious enough to accommodate our request and provided a used Leica M6 and a few choice lenses for our video. Coincidentally they also revealed their plans to re-release the Leica M6, and we were pleasantly surprised to hear it.

I truly loved every second with that M6 in hand, but could I really justify buying one? I'm on a budget like most of us are, and purchasing a Leica rangefinder is a daunting financial decision. Even the most affordable examples of the M6 cost a pretty penny, and if I were to receive an old and beat-up M6 as a gift I would be over the moon!

But this is a money-is-no-object article, and Leica has reissued the M6 on a brand new production line. You have a rare opportunity to give the special photographer in your life an experience that hasn't been possible for twenty years. Let them open up a brand new box, pull out a brand new camera, and start shooting the greatest film rangefinder Leica has ever made. Oh, and don't forget to throw a couple rolls of film in there too.

— Chris Niccolls