We've just made the biggest changes to our forums since the site was established, 11 years ago. This includes expanding the scope of dpreview forums to include areas dedicated to discussion of photographic techniques and digital video. We've also introduced totally new Off-Topic and For Sale/ Wanted forums. You'll notice a couple of minor name changes and a shuffling of the order of a few of the existing forums too.

New forums for dpreview.com

This is a pretty big change for dpreview, and marks the end of an era where the conversation on the site was restricted to purely gear-related topics. Over the next few months you're going to see far more photography-related content on the site, though worry not; none of this will detract from our in-depth reviewing of cameras (and the soon to return lens reviews). The camera-specific forums remain, but you now have a place to discuss the art and techniques of photography and photographic subjects without getting into brand wars.

Recent Videos

This is also something of an experiment for dpreview - we're all keen photographers and want somewhere to talk about pictures (rather than cameras) every now and again, and we think our users will too. And if we're wrong, and the new forums don't get used, we won't have lost anything and we'll just close them.

We've split the forums on the main index (and in the menu) into five broad groups, and most of the old (existing forums) are where they used to be (in the first and second categories). We've merged the two Konica Minolta forums and split the Challenges and Galleries forums back out into separate boards, and we've made a couple of minor name changes, but the old forums are otherwise unchanged (as are their URLs).

Rather than blather on here any more, I'll let you go play with them using the menu at the top of the page.

The Off-Topic forum

After much consideration we decided to add a forum for discussion of matters unrelated to photography to our boards, mainly because it should help keep the rest of the forums on-topic. Feel free to discuss the price of fish in here, but please keep it civil - all the usual rules apply.

The For Sale / Wanted forum

This one really is a bit of an experiment, but it's also something people have been asking for as far back as I can remember. There's some specific rules for the new forum (and you can only post one thread a day), but it's pretty rudimentary at the moment, If it takes off we will add functionality and a buyer/seller feedback mechanism.

If you have a suggestion for a new forum use the feedback system.