Sorry folks, but this has been a no-news week, hopefully next week will be more interesting. To note, Toshiba are shipping the PDR-M5 (which I reported on some time ago). I've also added the PDR-M5 to the database along with the HP C200 & C500.

For those of you researching any particular type of camera there are four things I recommend you to do:

  1. Check the reviews database to check if the camera has been reviewed here
  2. Check the specifications of the camera, compare it to other cameras with the same features and at the same time check to see if there are any user posted reviews.
  3. Search the news archives for any related news articles
  4. Ask the opinions of other owners on the brand specific discussion forums

On a sideline, I'll be posting my delayed review of the Fuji MX-2900 next week.