HDR software make Unified Color Technologies has updates its software to work with Adobe Lightroom 4. Users of both HDR Expose 2 and HDR Exrpess can download free updates to the latest versions, which have been fully tested with the latest version of Lightroom.

Press Release:


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 10, 2012 Unified Color Technologies announced that its range of award-winning HDR software offerings now support the recently-released Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4. Users of the existing lineup of Unified Color Technologies’ true-color HDR solutions can now download the free updates ensuring a seamless roundtrip workflow from Lightroom® 4 to HDR Expose 2 and HDR Express. To download the free updates, users of the respective applications can simply choose the, “Check for updates,” option under the in-program, “Help,” menu.

The engineers at Unified Color have updated HDR Expose 2 and HDR Express to support Lightroom® 4 and tested for full compatibility. HDR Expose 2, a fully-featured 32-bit color editing HDR solution offers batch processing capabilities, user definable presets, and color neutral dodge and burn tools. The entry-level HDR Express automates key aspects of the HDR production process, such as automatic tone mapping and halo elimination to provide a streamlined and very easy-to-follow workflow.

Both HDR Expose 2 and HDR Express also offer complete functionality with Apple’s Aperture software. For more information on Unified Color offerings, to download a trial version or purchase any of the applications, please visit http://www.unifiedcolor.com.