UK imaging systems firm NCTech is to introduce a four-sensor single-shot camera that it says can create a 360 degree image of a street scene or an interior in less than two minutes, and which allows photographers to upload images directly to Google Street View. The iris360 uses four lens units in front of four 10MP sensors arranged at 90 degree intervals. The lenses are triggered simultaneously and the resultant images are stitched together automatically in-camera. The final JPEG image covers 360x295 degrees (+/-5°) and measures 8000x4000 pixels – and is output as at less than 10MB, from the 360MB capture.

An HDR option on the camera uses multiple exposures to gather information from extremely dark and bright areas to ensure that the final image contains detail in the shadows and highlights. The company says that each camera works independently to establish exposure and white balance for each zone of the scene, while also working out camera-to-object distances to ensure smooth perspective rendering.

Take a look at this scene as a motion panorama

With a four hour battery life, in addition to a mains adapter, the camera is claimed to be able to record 400 images per charge and is controlled by smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection. GPS, tilt and roll, and compass sensors are built-in for location data and correction during processing, so that when the picture is downloaded it is ready to send to Street View directly via the app.

While the iris360 has been designed with Google in mind it is also compatible with other panoramic viewing platforms, and images can be edited in normal still image software package. The NCTech iris360 is priced at $1999/€1799/£1299, plus tax. For more information visit the NCTech website.